Our project “The Young Northcomes to an end. We thank all the musicians and helping hands for an unforgettable time in Reykjavik, Malmo, Oulu, Wismar and Berlin! A very special thanks goes to our association members and the Nordic Culture Fund, without whose help and support “The Young Northcouldn’t have been realized.

But after the orchestra week is before the orchestra week. So already mark 7 January 2016 in your calendar! With a Finnish-German project for the 40th German-Nordic Orchestra Week we are back in December! In the center of the program: Jean Sibeliusrousing choral symphony Kullervo”! And in the meantime, we will inform you on Facebook about our activities.

January 7, 2016 | 20.00 h


Symphonic Concert
Philharmonie Berlin
Great Hall

The German-Nordic Youth Philharmonic (Deutsch-Skandinavische Jugend- Philharmonie) is an international youth orchestra with a symphonic instrumentation, carrying out its work phases in the form of orchestra courses. The regular event of the “German-Nordic Philharmonic Weeks” (Deutsch-Skandinavische Orchesterwochen) hearken back to the initiative of the conductor and composer Andreas Peer Kähler , who has permanently been the orchestra’s conductor and art director since the first work phase in the end of 1981 – beginning of 1982.

In our recent project “The Young North”, all five nordic countries and Germany are unified in a joint and strongly linked musical youth project. Read more about “The Young North”.

The project “The Young North” is funded by the Nordic Culture Fund.